PeaceMaker Minnesota

You can help reduce bullying behavior and help kids learn healthy relationship skills.

To help create a more peaceful world, our mission to help schools to be safer places, free from bullying and harassment, and to help students learn positive relational skills like empathy, cooperation and how to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Your gift will provide evaluation, planning and training services to schools, in addition to matching funds to help purchase curriculum, hire additional staff, bring in outside resources, help at-risk youth, etc.  PeaceMaker Minnesota helps schools to use the best practices in youth violence prevention and to develop sustainable funding for their work.

Your gift will make a direct impact on what schools can do and what kids learn.  

"The impact on our classroom as a whole was more unity, more community and more caring for one another -- and having the skills to do this is huge.  Kids desire community.  They want to feel safe and cared for - now they know that their classmates are part of the effort."

"The school has taught me how to not hurt someone physically or mentally when I get mad."

“I learned how to help others and I learned how to respect others at the kindness retreat.”

“I learned that when people are getting bullied you should tell the bully to stop and if the person doesn’t stop, tell an adult. Now I know how to stick up for others and myself.”  

“Suicide and depression rates are too high to be letting this all slide.  Racism, bullying, sexism, etc. are nothing to joke around with.”  

Please join us.  Be a peacemaker!

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