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Give to the Max Day Resources

Check out our Give to the Max Day 2017 Resources section to learn more about GTMD17 Trainings and Webinars, Prizes, Guidelines, and a Toolkit of resources built to help you plan your organization's campaign!

Pay the Processing Fee Feature for Donors

In June 2016, GiveMN announced a new feature that allows donors to cover the 6.9% processing fee on behalf of your organization. Read more and take advantage of our resources below!

  • Announcement Email | Learn all about the basics on our blog.
  • Fee Structure Page | Educating GiveMN users about the fee, their option to cover it, and the cost of fundraising.
  • Organization Toolkit | Created for your board and staff with FAQs and starter language to communicate with donors.
  • News Release | See how we are engaging with media to encourage donors to opt-in.
  • Podcast Discussion | GiveMN Executive Director Jake Blumberg discussed the organization's decision and direction.
  • Feature Release Notes | Beyond the basics, read about feature enhancements and small changes in your reporting.

Stay tuned as we release more creative assets your organization may use to encourage your donors to pay the fee!

Make the Most of GiveMN

GiveMN links passionate people with organizations that are working to make better places for more people. Our online giving website,, enables your supporters to give any time and any place.

Organizations that are successful with GiveMN are active users. They use it as their go-to source for all of their year-round online fundraising needs. We encourage you to browse other organizations to see what they're up to and how they're fundraising for their programs.

To help you get started, here are a few ways to make the most of GiveMN:

Stay fresh
It's hard to get excited about stale content. Have you done the smell test on yours lately? Your Organization page is a first impression for many donors. Look your best.

  • Say, cheese! Swap out your photos with new ones every so often.
  • Tell a great story. Go beyond the boilerplate language and liven things up. Never forget that you want people to push that donate button. Does your story inspire them to do that?
  • Check the mirror. Give your page a once-over. Check for spelling errors and typos. Make sure your logo and photos display correctly. Remove any images that don’t look their best in the space.

Find creativity in simple things
You don't have to be an artist or make your executive director walk around town in a cape to use GiveMN creatively. Sometimes it's as simple as showing some personality. Break out of the brochure bubble and give your page some flare. Speak directly to your audience. Let them know how much fun you are and how much you care.

And remember that the benefit of being online is that you can always edit and refresh.

Be your awesome self
You're already awesome because of the work you do. So go against your Midwestern urge to be modest and brag a bit. Let people know what you've already changed in the world – and how their support will help you do even more.

Putting some extra thought behind your donation form is one way to connect givers to the difference they can make with their donations.

And that bragging thing comes in handy when you want friends to shout your awesomeness, too.

Test, fine-tune and test again
Think of GiveMN as your fundraising lab. With so much activity and so many tools, you have endless opportunities to try different things.

Borrow ideas you see on It's a community, after all. Use it to make yourself and others better fundraisers.

Be bold. As with any experiment, not everything will be a hit, but the more you try, the more likely you'll produce a success.

Need Help?

Need some help? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to search our Help Team library. If you can't find what you need there, connect with the GiveMN Help Team by clicking the green Help icon in the lower right corner of any page.

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