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A Little Bit About Us

GiveMN is Minnesota’s front door for charitable giving. Come on in and we’ll make giving simple, rewarding and fun – for you and the organizations and schools that need your help.

Our goal is to create an unparalleled state of giving in Minnesota. We are constantly developing new ways to grow giving in Minnesota. And we’re doing it without making anyone peddle chocolate bars or serve a single rubber chicken dinner.

GiveMN.org is the place to find the charitable causes you want to support. Use our site to make online donations anytime from anywhere.

We make it easy to give. Just search for the nonprofits and schools of your choice, or browse by topic or location, and make a donation. You can track your giving and set up ongoing contributions. You also can create individual or team fundraisers.

For nonprofit organizations and schools, we take the hassle and stress out of fundraising. We provide organizations of all sizes the tools they need to share their story, connect with more donors, and accept and track charitable contributions.

We help make giving fun Donors - Nonprofits and Schools

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