Home for Life, The Animal Sanctuary of the St. Croix Valley

Loving care, a place to belong, a Home for Life: Home for Life is a care for life sanctuary for special needs animals.


An unwanted animal who enters a rescue or shelter has had only two ways to leave. They may be lucky enough to be adopted or- they may become part of this sad, annual statistic between 3 and 4 million euthanized each year. Many animal welfare groups are working to end this unnecessary extermination of dogs and cats in pounds and shelters. But- their focus is on the animals who can be easily placed into new homes.

How can animal welfare hope to  save them all and end the unnecessary deaths of millions of animals each year without the option of a third alternative- the care for life sanctuary- the Third Door in animal welfare?

Look at Home for Life's website and the cats and dogs  profiled there- their photos put a face on the tragic reality that, among this shocking number of animals killed each year, are many dogs and cats  who will not find another chance because they are old, disabled, or have a medical condition or behavior challenge. It is these special animals that Home for Life helps.   


Home For Life® is an expression of a new kind of animal shelter—the long-term animal sanctuary. We provide animals with loving care, a nurturing environment that is safe and stable, a place to belong… a home for life. We provide lifetime care for cats and dogs with special needs who may not be able to find a home, but who can still lead a quality life. Home for Life's animals come to us from all over the Unites States and many foreign countries. In addition Home for Life touches people of all ages through our innovative, model community outreach programs. Animals who were once rejected and neglected are given a second chance at Home for Life and then, with faith in life restored, give back to the community by providing pet therapy services for at risk children and adults.  

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