River City Rhythm is a marching arts organization that supports winter and summer drumline, guard, and drum corps in Minnesota!

The RCR organization has developed a reputation for excellence and professionalism in its short existence, through a combination of hard-working members and a skilled staff that is able to get the most out of them. As a tax-exempt 501(c)3 non-profit that is not affiliated with any school or business, RCR has survived entirely on dues paid by the members themselves and outside donations/fundraisers.  

In just the last year, RCR has achieved the following:

  • The RCR Winter Drumline made its seventh straight Finalist appearance at WGI World Championships and captured the Bronze medal in the Independent Open Class – its first ever medal at World Championships!
  • Lux Winterguard – WGI Sport of the Arts St. Louis Regional IW Champion – 2015, 2016
  • RCR Drum Corps, established in 2015, has earned a DCI Open Class Championships Finals berth in both seasons of existence.

River City Rhythm is an entirely extra-curricular activity whose members are high school and college students that pay out-of-pocket (or via fundraising) to participate and perform purely for the passion to do so! And RCR's success is largely due to the members' passion for excellence within a very demanding activity – both physically and mentally. Our members pay to give up their weekends to rehearse, compete and represent the state of Minnesota on a world stage!

RCR has an amazing staff, all of whom have collectively experienced and won awards, honors, and championships at every level from high school through college through drum corps! They are enthusiastic individuals that value the education of the members as much as they value the enjoyment of the members.

In order to ensure these activities are available to serve the greater Twin Cities area, RCR seeks your financial help. We accept all donations great and small as our needs are great and small – from drumsticks and flag poles to feeding our corps while on tour, summer-weight uniforms, and out-of-state transportation expenses. RCR graciously accepts any donation you can offer!

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