Help launch Frank into our 30th season!

For nearly 29 years, Frank has created work that challenges both our artists and our audiences. Our productions put us all face to face with the diverse world we live in — pushing us to wrestle with new challenges in hopes of sparking dialogue about social, political and cultural issues. Our recent production of REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN. addressed the various societal and cultural ways in which women are confined, defined and controlled. (Direct tie to the headlines in today's paper!) Last spring, our sold out production of Claudia Rankine's CITIZEN brought people to their feet as it addressed another critical cultural issue, racism in America, in a vital, dynamic and deeply felt performance.

This is what Frank does. We choose work that engages us with a question--often a troubling question--about the world we live in. We wrestle with that work--and that question--with the community of artists that we engage for that production, many of whom return again and again to Frank. We shake the dust off the text, we inject lifeblood into the performance, and we put the results out on the stage to engage with you. Often, the audience tells us that they are still thinking about the work, days, weeks, months, after the performance. That's what we do: we engage with you on questions about the world we live in. We can't change the world, but we can ask questions that motivate people to change how they see/think/interact with the world. That's what we do. 

That's what we have been doing for nearly three decades.

This past year, we have been working to do better at what we do. CITIZEN was an area premiere, and the group of artists brought an incredible piece of work to the stage at Intermedia. We had amazing discussions after the performances. We toured the piece to St. Cloud State University for one performance, and 450 incoming college freshmen were able to witness the many--often invisible--ways in which racism pervades daily life in America. We performed a section of the piece at the Ivey awards, and had a great response. We just recently closed our wild production of REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN., which left some people scratching their heads and saying " I think I got part of it," while others were totally ecstatic about the performance. Again, that IS what we do. We explored two new venues for Frank, we worked with a bunch of new artists, we staged work by new writers, we collaborated with a new educational program designed to engage nontraditional audiences (OnStage), and we had a tremendous response to all of these efforts. When we ask our audiences, "What would you like more of from Frank?," most often we hear "more productions." To do that, we need to increase our resources. To do that, we need you.

Frank wouldn't be here without you. You’re the reason we’ve been able to keep cranking out our signature work for nearly three decades! Next year, we present our 30th season! How in the world did THAT happen? We couldn’t have come this far without your help. We hope you'll keep Frank on your list of charitable causes. We promise to continue to bring you honest, powerful and challenging work. Help us continue to be frank! 

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