Compassionate Action for Animals

Make a gift today and help protect farmed animals.

Please join us in taking action to help protect farmed animals, some of the most vulnerable and oppressed beings in our world today.

As you read this, millions of chickens, cows, pigs, and other sentient animals are suffering on modern factory farms and will then to have their lives brutally taken from them.

Recognizing that they deserve better, we're here to help.

Founded in 1998, Compassionate Action for Animals (CAA) has a mission to encourage people to embrace their empathy and move toward a plant-based diet. We do this through raising awareness about farmed animal suffering, building community to enhance engagement, nurturing advocates in growing their skills, and making change at an institutional level.

Through a welcoming and supportive approach, we have empowered thousands of people to act on their compassion, change the way they eat, and speak up for farmed animals.

Your gift to CAA will help us accomplish the following in 2018:

   •    Strengthen partnerships with diverse communities

   •    Sustain the growth of Twin Cities Veg Fest as it moves to Harriet Island

   •    Start a new program to help cafeterias offer more plant-based options

   •    Expand college outreach and advocate training by starting a second student group 

Please consider making a gift to CAA today. Your contribution will have a significant impact on the lives of farmed animals. 

We thank you for your generous support!


“In my time volunteering with outreach, participating in the student group, and helping organize Twin Cities Veg Fest, I have seen firsthand just how effective CAA’s programs can be. Now that I’ve taken on being chair of the planning committee for next year’s festival, I’m excited to see how we can reach even more people with our message of compassion.” – Nathan Gaut

“As a board member and donor, I know that CAA works hard to make the most of every dollar. Over the past twenty years, CAA has continually improved programs and processes to effectively and efficiently advocate for farmed animals.” – Chris Homsey

"What I love most about CAA is that it has the unique capacity to be incredibly effective for animals through leafleting, pay-per-view, and virtual reality programs, while at the same time building strong local communities to keep people engaged with advocacy for animals and plant-based eating." – Abraham Rowe

"I'm grateful for the work of CAA in the schools. Through the Bridges of Respect humane education program, we’re reaching young people with information about alternatives to supporting factory farming. I would have loved to have an engaging speaker bring great resources and tasty samples to one of my high school classes." – Jennifer Swick

“I'm always impressed with the impact CAA has through direct outreach. I've volunteered with both pay-per-view and our new virtual reality technology at several events. While initially attracted by the money or novelty, participants come away deeply impacted by what they saw and with a desire to explore how they might change to a more humane diet.” – Theresa Zingery

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