The Boy Patrick
Project for Discover Music

The true story of a boy who became a saint.

This is your chance to be, just as the chieftains of St Patrick's time, a patron of the arts:

This project balances out the typical St Patrick’s Day shenanigans (plastic green hats and partying, fun as it all is) with an educational project that will educate, entertain, and represent authentic Irish culture responsibly, through a spoken narrative with musical accompaniment recounting the factual tales and adventurous exploits of the young Patrick, from his capture and enslavement as a young man, through his daring escape, and beyond, into his later return to Ireland as a missionary, where he expressed his full love of the Irish people. Little did we know, until we started researching the actual facts, that young Patrick’s life was a breathtaking adventure full of derring-do and a story ripe for the telling!

The finished project will consist of a professionally recorded CD of spoken narrative and musical accompaniment, plus an illustrated text. The musicians on board include some of the industry’s top names from the global hit shows Riverdance and Celtic Woman, as well as some of the cream of the Irish America's music community. Our goal with this project is to provide readers a solid introduction to:

a) the authentic roots of an exclusively Irish yet globally recognizable cultural icon b) The traditional musical instruments of Ireland. We believe this project will provide so many who have an interest in their Irish heritage with a solid foundation on which to explore further. We have writer Therese Kunz, a seasoned playwright with over twenty years experience, working with us on the project's narrative.

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The Celtic Collective

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