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“Yes!  We did it!”

Many of us watched the Cubs major league baseball team accomplish their goal of winning the World Series.  They did not achieve that goal in one day or even one season.   They also did not do it alone, each player and coach and friends, teachers, fans and other supporters.  We do not all get the accolades of a baseball team, but we all have important goals and we know we need to work hard to achieve them.   Often we need help.

CIP works with some people who face incredible challenges.  The strongest people you could ever have the pleasure of meeting.  People who face not only the challenges of physical and mental disabilities but also the stigmas associated with them and often the isolation it can bring. 

CIP’s Housing Program works with people with disabilities that are often coming out of homelessness.   CIP’s staff supports people by setting goals and marking personal milestones on the path to independent living.  Your financial support can help us do that work.

Take Alex, for example.  He’s receiving support from staff in CIP’s housing program, which helps people with disabilities transition from homelessness.  Together, Alex and his CIP team set goals and mark personal milestones on the path to independent living.

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Alex, Kali and the Path to the Goal
Alex is a tenant in CIP’s residential housing, a program for individuals with low incomes and disabilities.  He recently started to work with case manager Kali.  In just a few months, Alex has already achieved some of his personal goals.  “He is so motivated and has taken personal responsibility toward success,” Kali says proudly.

Alex is challenged by health issues, credit problems and unemployment, so he and Kali focused on independent living skills.  “Alex wanted a coach to help him find meaningful daily activities that would improve his mental well-being and allow him to become a part of the community again,” Kali explains.

High on Alex’s list of goals was finding a job.  So, Kali provided a list of employment centers, and Alex immediately began calling to get help with creating a resume and learning needed job skills.

Each CIP participant selects his or her own goals and works at his or her own pace.  They may be related to overall life stability, system connections or social awareness.  Or they may address substance abuse, legal situations, medication management, money management, mental and physical health and wellness, or other issues.

These are all interim goals on the path to the ultimate goal: stable independent living.

With Kali as his advocate and guide, Alex will progress through the stages of the CIP program, focusing next on self-awareness and self-management and eventually on creating an exit plan.

“Just like you and me, each person I work with has their own vision of success,” adds Kali.  “It’s a privilege for me to help Alex achieve his vision.”

You can help individuals like Alex to move toward stability and independence.  Donate to CIP today and be part of the winning team.  

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