Healing Hearts and Paws Fund

Be a Healing Hearts & Paws Hero

Our Healing Hearts and Paws Fund was created to give a second chance to animals with medical needs that are above and beyond what we typically see at the Animal Allies Adoption Center.

We have celebrated many successes throughout the years, but the work of helping pets in need continues on each day. Many of the animals that come to us require extensive medical treatment and/or professional behavior modification. From diabetes to thyroid disease, broken bones to genetic deformities, these cats and dogs enter the shelter desperately needing someone to help. That someone is you, your neighbor, our staff and volunteers...

Our mission to ensure a loving home for every pet remains very real in our hearts and minds each day.  A severely broken leg or consistent anxiety-based behaviors might mean the end for a shelter pet with no loving family to speak up for them.  The Healing Hearts and Paws Fund provides the second chance these loving pets need.

With your financial contribution, we will continue to go above and beyond helping pets who don't have a family to be their voice.

Make a one-time financial gift or an on-going contribution today.  Your support means a second chance for pets in need.

P.s. An on-going monthly gift can be made for as little as $15/month! 

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