Healing Hearts and Paws Fund

Give animals with medical needs a second chance through the Healing Hearts and Paws Fund!

Our Healing Hearts and Paws Fund was created to give a second chance to animals with medical needs that are above and beyond what we typically see at Animal Allies. We have celebrated many successes through the years, but there is much work yet to do. Many of the animals that come to us require extensive medical treatment. From diabetes to thyroid disease, broken bones to genetic deformities, these cats and dogs enter the shelter desperately needing our help.

Water Lily's Story:

In late August, a small black and white kitten was brought to Animal Allies and upon arrival, the staff listened to the story of how this kitten was found: broken. The young lady who brought in the kitten explained that while she was driving, she noticed an animal trying to crawl out of the road and onto the nearest sidewalk a couple of feet away. She pulled over to help and when she got closer she realized it was a small kitten. She was able to catch the kitten and take it to a veterinarian as the poor little one was obviously injured. Initial x-rays revealed fractures and displacement on both front legs, requiring surgery to correct. This stray kitten needed help: she was brought to Animal Allies and we named her Water Lily.

Since her arrival, Water Lily has been bright and alert despite her injuries. She has been eating and drinking, and the staff made her a cart so she can move around and explore a little - helping her inquisitive mind and to prevent the atrophy of her hind legs. Animal Allies' veterinarian is currently working with a specialist to determine the best next steps for this little girl. Her injuries are extensive and may require amputation of one or both of her front legs. Saving both legs, if possible, would require in-depth rehabilitation and treatment estimated at over $5,000. 

To help Water Lily, Animal Allies is seeking donations for the Healing Hearts and Paws Fund. This fund exists to help those animals that require extensive medical treatment and care, above and beyond what the shelter can routinely provide. You can help Water Lily by making a donation to this fund today. 

Thank you for considering a donation to this life-saving fund.

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