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Project for Grand Marais Art Colony

Help provide diverse and accessible art opportunities for everyone!

We know the intrinsic value of the arts.  Kids involved in the arts have better test scores; are more civically engaged; and have lower crime and poverty rates - among many other benefits. 

But what I’ve found most inspiring is the opportunity it provides for people to express their unique perspective of the world.  I’ve been overcome by the joy art brings but also the important outlet it provides for processing life’s challenges.  Day by day, paint stroke by stroke, people learn to trust themselves, build their confidence, and share their deepest, truest selves.  It is so fulfilling to be part of that journey and I’m grateful that you can share in it also.

My favorite comment came from a profound 14 year old on scholarship in a clay class.  She said, “I have found my passion - pottery.  Unlike math or science where there is only one correct answer, pottery can be anything and everything I can imagine.”  So true!   

-Amy Demmer, Executive Director

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