PROPerly Poised Fashion Show
Project for PROP Food Shelf

A Passion for Fashion...A Fundraiser for the Runway

Last year, over 3,400 individuals came to PROP to put food on their tables, to help weather a personal crisis, to avoid eviction, to get hope. Three thousand four hundred people. 

Most of us go about our daily lives not worrying about where our next meal is going to come from. That isn't true for everyone. Every day here at PROP we see families struggling - to make ends meet, to feed their families, to give their kids a happy birthday.

And every day. Every single day here at PROP, we are humbled and grateful for the support of so many in this community. From food drives to planned giving requests to hosting special events that raise awareness in the community of what PROP's mission is, YOU are the hero that our clients are so grateful for. 

PROP clients: "we are thankful for everything", "thank you for all your support and help", "Thank you. I could not make it without PROP", "This program means a lot to my family", "You are a blessing to this community"

A Passion for Fashion! Last year, the PROPerly Poised Fashion Show raised over $10,000 - that's equivalent to feeding 40 families for an entire month! Giving today, can literally transform someone's day. "Alone we can do so little, but together, we can do so much" - Helen Keller

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