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The artist Mike Hazard will create picture poem portraits with many Peace House people. Together they will compose a mosaic that embodies the spirit of the Peace House Community. The art will be shared with the individuals portrayed, in Peace House, and with the community at large through many media. The portraits will be collected in a book of Peace House people.

Peace House is “the living room of Franklin Avenue.” 
The goal of Peace House Community is to offer a non-violent, welcoming and inclusive community for poor and marginalized women and men who are seeking companionship, safety from the streets, and personal affirmation. Peace House Community provides a platform for expressing beliefs, hurts, desperation, and hopes and fears too long hidden in so many bruised and broken hearts. Community members are affirmed through mutual sharing, respectful listening, and appreciation of each person’s value and worth. 

Peace House is its people. The art will be made by active collaboration between the artist and the subjects of each piece. Each piece will be created and reviewed in collaboration with the subject, then distributed in wider circles.

The two biggest issues at Peace House are the self-esteem of the guests and communication with the community at large.

We aim to cultivate compassion, collaboration, and community with our art work.

The artist first learned about Peace House in 2004, when he was making a film about the McDonald Sisters, Four Sisters for Peace. This led to making several short videos about Peace House which play in the selection of media at the top of this page.

Hazard has continued to visit ever since. The pictures and videos that tell the story above were made by Hazard. This background has created deep bonds with many people at Peace House from which profound art grows. People know Hazard, fondly called Media Mike, can be trusted.

A poet with a camera, his passion is making beautiful media art with people.

Nicknamed Media Mike, he earns a living by a combination of selling his artwork and teaching people of all ages how to make art. His passion for working with communities is rooted in his experience as a community artist in residence in 1979 when he served as a CETA artist with COMPAS in St. Anthony Park, St. Paul. A Bush Artist Fellow and the recipient of five grants from Minnesota State Arts Board and Jerome Foundation, Hazard’s work has been collected by the Museum of Modern Art (NY) and broadcast seven times nationally on PBS.

His most recent project is Seeds of Change, a multimedia portrait of a year in the life of the Hmong American Farmers Association farm. The multimedia solo exhibition was organized by the Minnesota Museum of American Art.

Development of the project has been a collaboration between Catherine Mamer (coordinator at Peace House), Kathleen Zuckerman (art facilitator at Peace House), the Peace House Board of Directors, and the people of Peace House themselves.
Your donation will be used to pay the artist, purchase materials, and print pictures and books.    
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