Outdoor Expansion with Artistic and Environmental Impact

We're bursting at the seams, have an ugly parking lot, and want to better manage stormwater runoff.

We've been hatching this plan for a few years and 2017 is the kickoff!

The issues:

It's getting crowded at CAFAC! A lot of different programs compete for space every day and while we're good at setting up facilities that are portable and adaptable, we've reached the point where we have to expand a bit in order to sustain and grow. Our metal casting department in particular needs more space and better facilities.
Our parking lot is in bad shape! We use it daily, but it's surrounded by ugly chain link and a dilapidated wood fence, and has some pretty serious sinkholes that create Lake CAFAC whenever it rains. It's becoming a safety as well as an aesthetic issue.
We want to responsibly manage the rainwater that pours off our roof. We've had the opportunity to work with Metro Blooms on artistic stormwater management systems installed at two local businesses. This opened our eyes to possibilities for being better environmental stewards on our own property.

The solution: We've put together a plan to address these issues in a series of phases. 

First is to build an attractive storage area and outdoor teaching space at the back end of our parking lot. This will accommodate expanded teaching facilities for our metal casting program and let us hide away a ton of materials and scrap that we use in our programs and projects.
Next is the creation of an artistic front fence and entry gate on the street side of the parking lot. In addition to looking awesome, we'll also ask for community involvement in creating cast metal and enameled steel elements of the gate, and install rain gardens.Finally, the largest piece is repaving the parking lot with permeable pavers and installing an artistic conveyance system to direct water from our roof into cisterns and the ground, rather than running off into the city sewer. Good bye, Lake CAFAC!

Together, all these elements form a comprehensive project that will have programmatic, aesthetic, safety, and environmental impact for CAFAC. It isn't a small undertaking and your support will make it possible! 


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