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Millie is a 4-year old girl who lives with her parents and older brother in their home in the Twin Cities. Millie was an energetic healthy little girl just a year ago when she woke up unable to move from the neck down. Millie had been struck by a virus and has Transverse Myeltis, neurological disorder where there is inflammation on both sides of her spinal cord.

Today, Millie likes Minnie Mouse, Frozen, singing and dancing in her wheelchair. Millie leads a full life but needs assistance with all of her activities of daily living. Millie works very hard to regain movement and control of her entire body and she has a clear goal that she wants play soccer again.

Millie and her family came to CIP as she was working to regain function throughout her body. CIP’s Case Management program has helped Millie’s family get the help and support they need for extensive physical therapy, for equipment including easy hold straps for her arms, a physio-roll to her with her daily stretches, and two specialized chairs that Millie can use to sit in to eat and so she can play and work her muscles at tables.
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(Photo attribution: U.S Air Force, Millie’s family was not comfortable sharing her photo)

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