Hope House Members Live Their Strengths

What is better than being the best you can be? Using it to help others!

Hope House members have all had difficult challenges with mental illness in their lives, but they use their strengths to help others anyway. Some are artistic and use their creativity and patience to bring out the best in people, some use their humor to help lighten the mood, some work hard on their jobs and share this information with others who want to work, some are examples just by staying with their goals despite incredible obstacles. Through Hope House, members have not only learned to care for their own mental illnesses, but also to be part of their communities. Members are involved in social, fitness, political, recreation, and educational groups where they live. They lead meetings, and take minutes. They make banners, and present their concerns. They offer help, and encourage others. And in doing so, they make the community a more peaceful, welcoming place. Currently, a new cohort of Hope House members are taking the Strengths Finder and participating in strengths coaching. They need Strengths Finder books and time with a coach. Over time, we see a great reduction in hospitalizations and an improved ability to share their strengths with their community. You can help by providing a donation now!
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