Life Learners

You can teach hope

We send our children to school with bright hopes for their future. For some, hope doesn’t last.

Minnesota’s education gap dims the future for many children from low-income families and communities of color. Eventually, it compromises the character of our communities.

But a volunteer tutor like you can make a world of difference—through the Life Learners project. Sign Up for Life Learners, one-to-one tutoring.

The Life Learners project, offered through the Minnesota Council of Churches, reflects our deep commitment to social justice. One-to-one tutoring has been proven effective at promoting school success. And research shows that children gain a valuable developmental advantage when they have additional caring adults in their lives.

In fact, the benefits of tutoring and mentoring are greatest for students who are most at risk.
There are many excellent programs in the Twin Cities. But there simply aren’t enough  volunteers willing to help.

That’s why we’re turning to you now. This project is a way to bring more mentors to kids in need. It’s a partnership between The Minnesota Council of Churches, community-based
organizations and schools.

Life Learners staff will work with these organizations to evaluate the quality and outcomes of their programs. And we’ll bring the best opportunities to you.

We believe this is part of our calling, to serve the common good. And we believe every child deserves a hopeful future—no matter their race, ethnicity or family income.

You can teach hope—even if you’ve never tutored before.

And we’ll work with you to make it a wonderful, soul-satisfying experience. Please join us.

How Life Learners Works:
your role and commitment.
• You don’t need any previous teaching experience to be a great Life Learners mentor—just a big heart that’s eager to help any child in need.
• Life Learners helps students from first grade through middle school, or kids ages 6 to 14.
• Training will be provided, and you’ll receive the materials and support you need in advance of each session.
• Sessions are usually one-to-one, so you and your student can get to know each other and develop a trusting relationship.

Support Life Learners and our partner programs. Your donation will strengthen our ability to recruit volunteer mentors and tutors and match them with best-practices programs.

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