Laptops for PSEO Students
Project for Rochester STEM Academy

Help our high school students be successful in PSEO with their own personal computer!

Dear Potential Benefactor,

As you know, we are a small high school serving immigrant youth and preparing them for college during their grades 10-12 through PSEO.  Last year, 20% of our students were taking classes at Rochester Community and Technical College and we offered them transportation, PSEO Seminars, and homework help. Last spring, ten of our twenty graduates were in PSEO earning 311 college credits worth $59,712 while still in high school and at no cost to themselves or their parents. 

Many of these students do college the old fashioned way with pencil and paper and they need to use the college or public library to type up their assignments. It would be great if we could send each qualifying PSEO student to college with their own personal laptop for note taking, research, and keeping up with their grades and papers. We can secure a quality laptop for about $300 each and a donation of any mount will help us make progress on this goal. We have 12 PSEO students this semester and expect 13 more students to qualify for PSEO for Spring Semester.

When we send a qualifying student to college it takes money out of our General Fund, leaving us less resources to meet the high needs of this population. That is why your generous gift is so much appreciated. It benefits the PSEO student and lessens the strain on our limited supply of computers for the other students.

We thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts.

Mahadsanid • Grazie • Gracias • Merci • and Thank You!

Bryan Rossi, Ph.D.
Director of Rochester STEM Academy
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