La Red Latina de Educación Temprana

Support La Red in raising healthy children in healthy communities

La Red Latina de Educación Temprana (La Red) "The Latino Early Childcare Provider Network" is a platform to make healthy changes that benefit children and members of the Latino community living in Richfield, Bloomington and across Minnesota. Established in 2013, La Red focuses on organizing, capacity building and providing resources to Latina FFN childcare providers.

“La Red is a great model because it was created by the community.”– Ruth, founder and leader, La Red.

Family, Friend and Neighbor Childcare (FFN) is the most common form of care for infants and toddlers. In Minnesota, nearly 40 percent of children age 2 and younger and 25 percent of children age 3 to 5 are estimated to be primarily in FFN care. Many families choose FFN because it’s a culturally appropriate model of care, and they want someone they know and trust watching over their children.

La Red is important because health inequities begin at an early age. La Red trains FFN childcare providers on early childhood development, knowing that children’s early experiences are deeply connected to their future physical, cognitive, and social development.

By creating these learning opportunities, La Red is building equitable health outcomes for those currently experiencing the greatest inequities, and for future generations. La Red also creates a space for FFN providers to connect and support each other, build community and increase social cohesion.

“All of us together, we bring ideas, organize, and provide a healthier life for our children.” – Faviola, Co-Founder and Leader of La Red.

Mission: To provide tools, capacity, and leadership development for Latina childcare providers to deliver the highest quality childcare possible, and by doing so, support the health and wellbeing of their families and community.

Vision: To develop the leadership of La Red members by providing education, support and resources so that La Red is recognized for providing quality childcare at the local and national level.

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