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Hurricane Matthew Relief GTMD 2016
Project for Reiser Relief

Hurricane Matthew Relief GTMD 2016

All donations will go to our Southwestern Haiti partners. located in Marfranc,   The town of Marfranc was nearly leveled by the hurricane. The river overran the only road that runs into town and washed away all but 2 houses along the road.

Our Haitian partners have three emergency needs.

1. Build a temporary shelter for 30 vulnerable and elderly Haitians in their care. Currently they are in a temporary shelter. Their former dormitory is completely destroyed including all beds, linens and everything they owned.

2. Repair to roof on the convent so that the sisters have a safe place to sleep. There is much desperation in the community, and safety is highest priority.

3. Repair the roof on the Cecelia Duffy Memorial school to allow the children to return to a normal routine.

We continue to work directly with Sister Evelyne to prioritize relief efforts. She is committed to the whole community of Marfranc, so efforts to help will go well beyond the fence of the ministry. Reiser Relief will pass 100% of hurricane donations to our Haitian partners who will purchase re-construction materials in country supporting the local economy

THANK YOU for coming alongside our Haitian partners during this difficult time.

God's blessings and peace

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