Humans of MN
Project for Climb, Inc.

Help CLIMB give voice to the Humans of MN in our newest podcast series!

In every corner of every town there are stories worth telling--stories of success and struggle, of triumph and tears. These are the stories of MN that, thanks to a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, CLIMB will be transforming into four new plays, and twenty podcasts.  Two Actor Educators will travel to 16-rural towns across MN. They will host workshops, interview residents, and journal about their experience.  After these stories are collected, the teams will return to CLIMB theatre where they will be transformed into hour-long, multi-media plays and 16 podcasts. The artist return to these towns to perform these new works and each performance is recorded and podcast around the globe. Help CLIMB give the world a better understanding of the Humans of MN. 
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