GTMD 2017 - Funding education in Haiti
Project for Reiser Relief

Direct your children onto the path they should go. Proverbs 22:6

Literacy in Haiti is a mark of prestige and students wear school uniforms with pride. Education is highly valued in Haiti and is a core value of Reiser Relief – it is 63% of our on-going budget. We believe that through education, Haitians are empowered to transform their lives, their community and their country.

Fortunately, through your generosity, Reiser Relief supports the following 4 schools. 

Guardian Angels school in Leogane has 350 students from preschool through grade 6. The original school was destroyed by the 2010 earthquake. Construction of the new facility was sponsored by the Vatican! It is managed by the Sisters of the Companions of Jesus. W

Cecelia Duffy Memorial school in Marfranc, in Southwest Haiti, recently began its 3rd year and has 125 students ages 3-5. You have been supporting the construction and operation of this school since its inception. Thank you!

Terre Promise has 410 students. It is located in the slum of Cite Soleil in Port au Prince and has children ranging from pre-school through Filo-or grade 13

Reiser Heights has 271 students from preschool through grade 7. It was founded 1998 by Father Reiser and next summer will celebrate its 20-year anniversary!

That’s a total of 1,156 students! That is 1,156 lives you are impacting and improving. BRAVO!

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