Give to the Max for Winter Shelter

Won't you Give to the Max to help keep a Red Lake companion animal warm this winter?

     The Red Lake companion animals suffer in a very harsh winter climate.   Many also  lack  basic food and shelter.  Temperatures  can reach  50 below zero   or colder with wind chills in our area      

      Red Lake Rosie's shelter receives many dogs and puppies during this time. They need to be kept warm, fed and watered until we can find  a rescue that can give them indoor housing.   The tarped kennels loaded with lots of dry clean straw and blankets will keep the animals comfortable and safe during their life-saving stay at the RLRR shelter.  The cats and smaller dogs are kept warm in the cattery shelter which is heated by soaring electric bills.

     We also hear of community dogs that have no shelter during this time and many die without our intervention with straw and a dog house.

  The supplies needed to make the winter preparations annually include heavy duty rubber pails, 5 x 7-foot tarps, straw bales, blankets, dog coats, dog houses and funds to pay a winter heating bill

$20  will buy one Miller 8-quart rubber water bucket

$50  will buy 10 straw bales or one plastic barn style dog house

$60 will tarp one of 20 kennels

$100 will buy one large plastic igloo dog house

$400 will heat the cattery and shelter for one month during the winter

     Won't you please give to end this suffering these animals must endure?

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