Gadfly Theatre Productions

Queer & Feminist Theatre for All

Gadfly Theatre Productions produces queer and feminist art that everyone can laugh, cry, and relate too. We are currently starting our EIGHTH season of highlighting stories and voices of LGBTQ+ people and marginalized women. We are still finalizing details and putting the special queer polish (glitter, it's just glitter) on our upcoming season. It is true that we have vacated the Fox Egg Gallery for now, and it's also true that we're saving for a bigger, more accessible space.  

It'd be a shame for Gadfly to slow down now, and we're not planning too! We've got a beautiful season 8 in the works, and it will include:
TWO mainstage shows (winter + spring respectively)
TWO Drunk Queer History events
ONE Sober Queer History event
and of course, our annual one act geek festival. 

Your donation is critical at this time.  We're working hard to increase visibility for our artists as well as increase their stipends and all of that requires contributions from the community that has kept us afloat all of these years. We're ready to root and make a home not just for Gadfly (although that too!) but for all of the other artists and community/activist groups we've had the pleasure getting to know this season. We're building our first proper, working Board of Directors since the beginning, and we're still making great art and giving space when able. Money raised now goes to literally just two places:
1) Paying for rights, rental fees, and artists for our upcoming shows.
2) Allowing our artistic directors to spend time building a board to ensure a sustainable future for this organization.

We are beyond ecstatic to create a space that produces passionately progressive work, and to create that work ourselves. Visit our website for more information about pending events. Thank you in advance for your generous gift to this unique and radical theatre company.
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