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Help us create a world where comedy is Fearless!

Team Sexy is made up of five female Fearless members.  We love that Fearless supports women in comedy, and we hope that you can help us raise funds to give back to Fearless for the opportunities that Fearless has given us.

On the night of November 16th, Fearless is putting together a Vaudeville show called Fearless Marvels: A Give to the Max Day Revue.  During that show, Bitta Honey will be performing a burlesque act.  If Team Sexy makes its goal, other members of Team Sexy (and possibly other members of Fearless!) will join Bitta onstage for part of her performance.  Trust us -- you don't want to miss what we have planned! 

Please help us in getting a chorus line to support Bitta Honey in her act.  And thanks to a generous donor, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $250!  (The match will be adjusted on the main Fearless page.)

UPDATE 11/14/17 

Thanks to our generous donors, we’ve hit our initial goal of $250 – wahoo!

 But we don’t want to stop there, because we are, after all, Fearless. So we are proud to announce a new stretch goal for Team Sexy:

Jena, Cara, and Jenn pledge to do the following:

10 situps if we get to $500
1 more situp for every $10 up to $600 (total of 20)
1 more sit up for every $20 between $600-$700 (total of 25).
1 more sit up for every $50 donated after that, up to $1000.

 And if that’s not enough, we will Facebook Live the situps at the event!

Team Sexy (Susanne Becker, Jenn Jensen, Lana Rosario, Cara White, and Jena Young)
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