Fearless Comedy - Team Pie
Project for Fearless Comedy Productions

Help us create a world where comedy is Fearless!

We are Team Pie, and we are raising money for Fearless Comedy Productions.  The pie is the most humble of comedy props.  Often forgotten in modern comedy, we aim to return comedy to its sugary, fattening roots.

Team Pie's fundraising goal this year is $250, and thanks to an amazing donor, we are able to match donations dollar for dollar until we reach our goal!  (The match will be adjusted on the main Fearless page.)  If we reach our goal, as a special thank you at our Give to the Max day show, we will add six (6) mini pies to our Buster Keaton-inspired pastry battle.  But that's not all!  For every $50 we raise beyond our goal, we'll add ANOTHER six (6) pies!  12 pies for $300, 18 pies for $350, and so on.  You can help us battle to the most delicious extreme!

Team Pie (Kyle Dekker, Eric Thompson, and James Fairbairn)
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