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Help us create a world where comedy is Fearless!

Team Mystery represents our Fearless Mystery shows, including Masquerade at Mystery Lodge and Mystery on the Mississippi!  These shows have provided company members with great opportunities to write, direct, and perform, and through them, we have have already created an ongoing relationship with both the National Park Service and Heartwood Event Center.

Help us continue to provide these interactive and immersive events by contributing to Fearless for Give to the Max!  We have an anonymous donor who will match every contribution to our team, dollar for dollar, up to $250!  (The match will be adjusted on the main Fearless page.)

If we make our goal, we make $500 for Fearless!  And what's more, if we raise $250 by our Give to the Max show, as a special thank you, Team Mystery will perform the Can-Can live on stage at the event!

UPDATE 11/10/17

Updated stretch goals for Team Mystery!

Team Mystery wants you to know how committed we are to Fearless Comedy. We are so committed, we are willing to make the worst kind of sacrifice!

If we can reach $300 in pre-match donations, we will all commit to toasting Fearless with a Glass of Boone's Farm at our Give to the Max Event! We will even broadcast it on Facebook live.

As if that wasn't bad enough, if we can get to $350, we will toast Fearless with a glass of Sutter's Home!

If you know Angela and Dawn, you should know they love wine. You should also know that Sutter's Home doesn't count as wine. You should also know that Tim hates alcoholic beverages of any kind.

Point being, drinking this stuff won't be pleasant. But we'll do it for you!

ALSO, if we reach $500 in pre-match donations by the end of Give to the Max day, we will commit to wearing embarrassing T-shirts at a public event. Tim will wear a shirt that says "There are some who call me...Tim" and Angela will wear one that says "What does the fox say?"

We are working on equally horrific shirts for the rest of our team!

Also, please welcome Becci Schmidt to Team Mystery!

PLUS!  If we can reach $600 in pre-match donations by the end of Give to the Max day, Duck will wear a romper at Die Laughing in 2018! ALSO, if Fearless reaches our goal of $6000 for Give to the Max day, that romper will read "Duck Duck Grey Duck!"

UPDATE 11/14/17

Team Mystery is going all in on public embarrassment!

Dawn has issued a Wedding Dress challenge!

She will wear her wedding dress if we reach $500 by Thursday! It is not flattering.

If we reach $500 she will wear her wedding dress to our Give to the Max event at the Historic Mounds Theatre

If we reach $600 she will wear her wedding dress ALL DAY on Thursday and photo journal it on Facebook for you all to enjoy her suffering. Yes, she'll wear my dress to work. She'll go out for lunch in it. Maybe even hit the liquor store?

$700  After you donate, let us know WHERE you want a pic (within reason) of her in the gawdawful dress and she'll tag you in the pic so you can have and to hold it until the inevitable divorce!

ALSO, if our team reaches $500, Becci is committed to wearing a shirt that reads OMG Becci at Die Laughing and Jason will be wearing a shirt with a picture of Freddie Krueger that reads "It's spelled 'Kruger!'"

UPDATE 11/15/17

If we reach $1000 we will write and perform an original Mystery show at Die Laughing 2018!

Team Mystery (Tim Wick, Duck Washington, Dawn Krosnowski, Jason Kruger, Becci Schmidt, and Angela Fox)
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