DFL And MN GOP Live Convention Coverage

No Secrets! Show The MN GOP & DFL Conventions To The World

No secrets! Help The UpTake so it can be there to record and show live what happens at Minnesota's 2 influential political conventions.

Democracy needs a constant watchful eye to be strong. The UpTake has provided that at the legislature, in our award-winning documentary How Love Won, and on the campaign trail with complete live convention and debate coverage.

This month, Minnesota Republicans and the DFL are holding their state endorsing conventions for Governor, US Senate, Secretary of State, Attorney General and State Auditor on the same days (June 1 & 2) at opposite ends of the state. What happens at these conventions will shape the 2018 elections and politics in Minnesota for the next four years. In the past, The UpTake has provided unedited live video coverage of both, plus a complete archive so people can watch it later.  It's how we help defend democracy.

But this live coverage won't happen unless you help us out.  Not on our website or anywhere else. None of the other media provides this kind of coverage.

No matter what your political leanings, you can help promote openness and democracy by making this coverage possible by pledging your donation now.

Does A Political Convention Matter If No One Sees It?

What if you held a state political convention and no one saw it?  And by "no one," I mean no one who wasn't intimately connected with politics.

Good riddance, some might say.

And while they'd get a laugh, they'd be wrong.

A strong democracy that makes good decisions for all of us happens when the electorate is informed.  No other media has provided live, continuous, complete coverage of Minnesota's political conventions. Other media often watch The UpTake's video to do their reporting.  We want to be there to show everyone what happened because access to the truth makes a difference.  But we can only do it if you donate to our convention coverage campaign.

Sometimes You Don't Know What You've Got Until It's Gone

Nearly every major Minnesota political event in the last ten years has one consistent factor — The UpTake has been there to livestream everything that happens and provide an indisputable video record of what was really said.

The UpTake has been showing up when it counted—literally. We were there at numerous election recounts with our live video cameras so no one could even try to claim an election had been stolen.

We were there when the legislature put amendments on the ballot that would have outlawed gay marriage and would have required an photo ID to vote. We were there when the legislature passed the marriage equality law.

We were there for every debate (all 20 of them) when three candidates ran for Governor in one of Minnesota’s most closely contested races in history and provided the full transcript and video of each debate so voters could make an informed choice.

We want to be there again for you in 2018 at the state political conventions.  But we can't unless you donate to convention coverage fundraiser. Do so now to ensure complete coverage of electoral politics does not go away.

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