Cuddle Coats
Project for Animal Rights Coalition, Inc.

Turning Pain Into Gain: Cuddle Coats Save Lives

Cuddle Coats uses donated furs to offer comfort, warmth, and rehabilitation to injured and orphaned animals before their release into the wild. That's right, fur that was once brutally taken from animals can now be used as a source of care and compassion. 

We take something tragic and turn it into an opportunity for healing by giving furs, widely acknowledged to be cruel and out of fashion, back to animals who need them. Orphaned and injured animals gain comfort and solace from the furs while they are in captivity, and the furs help to minimize contact with humans, improving the chances of survival when the animals are released back into the wild. 

We provide furs at no cost to over 80 wildlife rehabilitation clinics and independent rehabbers across the United States and have taken in over 3,000 fur garments since the Cuddle Coats program's inception. We have heard time and again from donors that they are so relieved to have found a positive way to pass on their fur items and from rehabbers who have seen the furs able to comfort babies who were not soothed by towels or other bedding materials. 

Our biggest challenge is raising funds to help pay for the shipping of the Cuddle Coats. Furs are heavy, and even though we painstakingly remove all of the linings, batting, buttons, and clasps, the pelts themselves still result in heavy boxes that are expensive to ship. You contributions will help us get Cuddle Coats to baby animals who need them not only to survive, but also to thrive in their rehab process. Your financial donation to help with shipping costs is much appreciated.

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