Athletic Fundraiser
Project for Murray Middle School PTA

Help Murray Remain a No-Cut School!

Our Fundraising Goal is $4000

Murray has had a no-cut policy for many years. In order to keep this policy going, the Athletic Department needs to continue to hire B Team Coaches to help with the large number of student athletics. 

There is only a B Team Coach when there are over 30 players on a team. The maximum cost for a B Team coach is $500, which is very cost effective.

There is a $25 fee for student participation, but more and more students cannot afford the fee. Additionally, the school district has taken away the $1500 annual deposit so that must be made up. 

We are at a crossroads. We don’t want to reduce the participation in our program, and the numbers of boys and girls soccer players and wrestlers has grown each year.

Last season 8 of our 11 teams needed the extra coach. This is an annual cost of $4000 for the school. Last year we had 450 student athletes participate in our programs, with our school population being just under 800. 

Additionally we are in need of updates to some of our equipment and uniforms. Below you will find an inventory of our needs and wants. 

Our funding goal is to raise $4000. It may be a large amount, but it would allow the Athletic Department to ensure the coaches could be hired if needed and help replace the most needed equipment and uniforms. 

Please help us meet our goals today! Thank you so much for your support!

Murray Middle School Athletic Equipment and Uniform Needs


Football Team - Replacement T-Shirts (6 years old) 

  • 50 tees at $15 each = $750

Track T-Shirts (8 years old)

  •  60 at $15 each = $900
Boys Basketball Uniforms (Over 5 years old)
  • A team 25 at $35 =$875 Need
  • B team 25 at $35 = $875 Want


Soccer balls 4 teams 

  • Practice balls 24 @ $20 = $480
  • Game balls 8 @ $30 = $240
  • Most of the balls we have are two years or older.  They are near the end of their life.  


  • 2 teams X 10 balls at $30 each = $600 

Flag Footballs 

  • 2 x $30 = $60


  • 10 Girls at $30 = $300
  • 10 Boys at $30 = $300


  • 3 Dozen $40 = $120


  • 1 dozen @ $40 = $40


  • Birdies = $150
  • Rackets = 10 a year = $170

Additional Games for B Teams

Away game cost of a bus = $170

Home game referee = $45

These are the equipment needs on a regular basis.  We also buy tape, band-aids, cotton balls, water bottles (team sets of six), tape for the wrestling mats, and bus tokens ($400).  Some of these are not on a yearly basis and some is donated.  We have a wrestling mat that is between $8000 and $10,000 that will be needed soon. 

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