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Dear Supporter:
We are requesting a financial contribution to the Minnesota Atheists Radio Fund to keep this program on the air and in podcast for the rest of 2015 and into 2016.  The program is broadcast live on AM950 KTNF, and we have supporters from around the world who listen by podcast. To date - seven years, to be precise! - we have produced 334 programs with a variety of perspectives on issues of importance to atheists and the public at large. Topics include, but are not limited to, general atheism and humanism, separation of church and state, science, religion, gender, race, culture, and the arts.
The reason we produce this program is simple:  We believe that we as atheists must speak up on the issues that are important to us; no one else will speak for us.
Atheists Talk is completely volunteer run, and our producers, hosts, interviewers, and contributors work tirelessly to produce new content every week. We present atheists’ views to the public in a manner that is respectful, informative and diverse. Because we are live on the radio, we are able to have open conversations between our guests and our listeners via phone and email. By encouraging discourse this unique program helps to build understanding of who atheists are, and to dispel myths about atheists.
Atheists Talk has welcomed a prestigious group of atheist authors, bloggers, musicians, scholars, scientists and activists, including Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, Annie Laurie Gaylor , Victor Stenger, Rebecca Hale, Dan Barker, Rebecca Watson, Amanda Knief, Hector Avalos, Ayanna Watson, Shawn Lawrence Otto, Donald Prothero, Rebecca Scott and many more. 
Our production costs are approximately $5,000 every six months. A small portion of that is covered by advertisers, but much of our costs are covered by supporter donations and fundraising drives.  We help boost our signal and gain support through management of our website, iTunes, Facebook and Twitter.
We believe in the importance of having these atheist voices live on the air, and hope that you do as well. Thank you for considering supporting us through GiveMN.
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