Asian American Organizing Project

Strengthen Young Asian Voices & Leaderships

Asian American Organizing Project | AAOP is a non-partisan, grassroots organization led by youth and young Asian people (15 - 35 years old) utilizing cultural organizing to address issues affecting Asian communities. AAOP is a platform for community leadership development, and promoting civic engagement and education.

With your Give to the Max donation, you will help sustain our efforts into 2017, and support our growth to make sure youth and young Asian people have a space that centers their experiences and cultivates their community organizing leadership. Every dollar and donations will tremendously count towards helping us plan and expand our programs and 2017 goals!

We're proud and excited to share with you our continuous effort and vision to invest in Asian youth and young people. We believe in the importance of creating spaces for hands-on community engagement, and fostering critical thoughts and conversations about racial and gender justice, and political histories experienced in the homes, neighborhoods, communities, and schools.

What we've accomplished so far this year for 2016:
*Piloted our first 2 months Summer Youth Organizing program with 9 youth leaders
*Piloted our Neighborhood Door knock Host Program in St. Paul and Minneapolis with 5 neighborhood hosts
*Planned and strategized how Asian languages are a critical and integral part of our cultural and community organizing work, access to democracy, bridging multi-genrational and across-ethnic gaps, and developing community leadership.
*Started our civic engagement work earlier, held voter education classes and voter registration drives, collaborated with local community organizations and college student groups, and held daily phone banks calling into 7 counties, and knocking on doors in St. Paul and Minneapolis.
*With the help of our partners, and amazing volunteers, we were able to make over 30,000 calls and talked to over 3,500 people, and knocked on over 6,000 doors and talked to over 300 people.
*We hired on two full-time community organizers, an organizing trainer/youth worker, a team of seasonal phone bankers and canvassers, a visual and graphic designer, and stipend all our youth organizers for the youth program and Election outreach.
*Engaged 50 new volunteers, and 25 current volunteers.
*Sent an Issues mailer and an Election mailer to 13,000 young Asian voters in Minnesota.
*Secured an office, office and organizing supplies, food, gas cards, and bus cards.

Thank you for supporting Asian American Organizing Project's vision. 

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