We are raising funds to archive its library of over 1,000 oral histories and songs for use by the public for generations to come!

The heroes who share their life stories in the classroom through Elders’ Wisdom, Children’s Song reflect a Minnesota that is tremendously diverse. Children and elders alike beam with pride when the stories of their communities are celebrated. 

These are stories that need to be heard and shared. Community Celebration of Places has honored over 1,000 elders and recorded their oral histories. Currently on Hard Drives, CDs, Digital Analogue Tape (DAT) or written documents.

Much of this collection was under immediate threat of deterioration, but through a grant from the Minnesota Cultural Legacy Fund and Give To The Max donations received in 2015, 90% of the paper documents within this collection have now been organized, rough-sorted and stored in acid free archival boxes.

During 2017, it is our goal to complete the transferring of this rich collection to archival quality audio, film, photographs and documents. These archives will be open to the public for generations of researchers, historians, teachers, students and family members. 

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