Anoka County Corrections Girl project
Project for TVbyGIRLS

Teen girls in the corrections system

 We all know that teen girls needs are different than those of teen boys.  They are experiencing the world in different ways.  But when girls get in trouble, the corrections response is to use programs developed for boys for treatment.  We think that misses out on some of the crucial conversations that girls need to have for healthy development. And that is tragic.
The story:
Barbara met Maya, a probation officer, at an event from one of our funders, LUSH.  And what has resulted will be a partnership between TVbyGIRLS and the Anoka County Corrections Residential program. TVbyGIRLS will bring our workshop model to teen girls in the residential program and together develop new programs specifically for teen girls in corrections.  Girls will get a chance to learn about the influence of images on social expectations and then use media tools to make their own, empowering media and tell their stories.  
We will develop both long and short term projects in a model that we hope to replicate across the country for programs working with girl teen offenders.

Please help us make that happen for these girls and all of us!

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