Humanitarian Projects for Peace

Hygiene Kits, Dignity Kits, and other basic supplies for Iraqi IDPs.


IARP is raising funds to purchase dignity kits for the women and vulnerable families in the neighborhoods outside of Mosul. The kits include sanitary pads, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, underwear, etc. The child-friendly kit will additionally contain diapers and extra soap for those with small children. These items will be purchased locally in Iraq as to support the local economy.

With your support, our goal is to raise $3,200 to supply 100 dignity kits and 100 child-friendly dignity kits to the vulnerable women and families of Mosul.

IARP partners with the Critical Needs Support Foundation (CNSF) to provide hygiene kits and other humanitarian offerings to vulnerable Iraqi families, widows, and orphans living in IDP camps.

CNSF: CNSF is a small Iraqi non-governmental organization. CNSF provides critical support and delivers hope to people most in need, without bias. Projects include delivering food and water supplies to various IDP camps, maintaining a safe house for women previously captured by ISIS, running the New Life Project which teaches men and women new skills so they are able to search for employment or start their own small businesses. Learn more here:

Why Hygiene?: The protracted humanitarian crisis in Iraq is causing displaced families and individuals to face increased hardship and debt as they struggle to afford essential items to survive. Food is often prioritized over basic hygiene items. Without support, this negatively impacts public health and the dignity of displaced peoples. CNSF aims to provide hygiene kits and education to vulnerable displaced families and individuals, including widows and orphans.

Basic education on the importance of hygiene will help reduce the chance of infectious diseases being spread in camps, especially diseases of the skin and those specific to women.

UPDATE 1/18/2017:
Winterization of 10 family homes in the Alkhadraa neighborhood, east of Mosul, to support families, children and the infirm through the winter months.

UPDATE 12/02/16:
68 hygiene kits distributed in Al Haj Ali Village, south of Mosul, Ninewa Province. 60 hygiene kits distributed in Hamam Al Alil, south of Mosul near Al Qayyarah, Ninewa Province.
270 Dignity Baskets (containing feminine hygiene products) in Alkhazer Camp

UPDATE 7/11/16: 165 hygiene kits were then distributed in Dalal, Sinjar, Sheikhan, and Erbil.

For donations of $24.00 (2 dignity kits) or more, you can choose to receive either a Water for Peace glass or water bottle. You must contact [email protected] to claim your gift.

For donations of $60.00 (5 dignity kits) or more, you will receive 2 tickets to an Iraqi cooking class in the Twin Cities.You must contact [email protected] to claim your gift.

Please note that we are partnering with CNSF to fund this humanitarian project. No donations will fund any other CNSF programs. 

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Contact us with any questions or for more information. Email: [email protected] Phone: 952-545-9981.

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