MCC - Refugee Services

Welcome refugees into new lives of freedom, hope and opportunity.

In the past 30 years, MCC Refugee Services has welcomed over 9,600 individuals with refugee status to begin new lives in Minnesota. We have been a beacon of welcome for our newest neighbors since the advent of the modern resettlement program in the U.S., and we are committed to continuing to welcome new arrivals and provide refugee communities in Minnesota with ongoing support.

Despite the fact that today’s global refugee crisis is the worst in history with over 65 million individuals displaced, the Trump administration has taken steps to drastically reduce the number of refugees admitted to the United States. The combination of executive orders suspending resettlement and a dramatically lowered arrivals cap has caused the number of new arrivals with MCC and in Minnesota to drop.

Because a significant portion of our funding depends on the number of new arrivals welcomed, we are facing deep budget cuts. We are committed to maintaining our strong programming with talented and capable staff, but we need your help.

Even though new refugee arrivals have slowed this year, we have been serving record numbers of individuals in our supportive services. In the last year, we placed 143 refugees in jobs in both the Twin Cities and Mankato, the highest number in the past 7 years. We assisted 390 individuals apply for permanent resident status (Green Card) and helped another 101 individuals file citizenship applications in our two offices. In Mankato, 36 refugees and immigrants participated in our Tapestry program, in which they shared stories and built relationships with longstanding community members. And 75 individuals received case management through difficult mental health and complex medical challenges affecting them and their family members. There remains a demonstrated demand in the community for the supportive services we provide and we are committed to continuing to meet the needs of our newest neighbors.

In addition to providing services to those with refugee status, we are educating local communities about refugees and advocating for their welcome. Through speaking engagements, volunteer opportunities, and church outreach we are reaching a wide variety of audiences to provide accurate information about refugees, the resettlement process, and ways that our community can practice welcome. At a time when our country’s commitment to welcoming refugees is wavering, it is critical that we widely share about how refugees enrich our communities, strengthen our economy, and connect Minnesota to the world.

Now, more than ever, we are relying on community support to continue welcoming refugees in Minnesota. Please consider making a donation today.

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