Martin County Youth Foundation
Project for Minnesota Community Foundation

Distributing grants for early childhood education, mentoring and cultural and recreational activities throughout Martin County.

About Martin County Youth Foundation From its inception in May 2003 through May 2009, the Martin County Youth Foundation has awarded a total of $151,461 to some 80 youth programs throughout the county. Our mission is to acquire, manage and distribute funds to enhance the lives of youth in the Martin County area. Our goal is to build a $1 million endowment , which will sustain and expand our grant giving.

Grants have been awarded to mentoring programs, early childhood development, youth and parent educational scholarships, after school and summer activities, as well as recreational equipment purchases.

Investing in Our Future?Our Youth To maintain and expand on this giving, it is the MCYF goal to establish a $1 million endowment. Individuals and businesses throughout the county continue to provide generous support.

As a community member, investing in the physical, mental and emotional health of our children is a positive investment in the future vitality of our community. As a business owner, quality early childhood development programs provide a positive community draw for the recruitment of top-tier employees. As a taxpayer, the funds invested now produce significant economic savings to society later. And, as a youth, quality education is vital to facing the challenges of today?s?and tomorrow?s?world economy.

Your contributions to MCYF are invested and managed by Minnesota Community Foundation. Earnings are then made available through a grant process to respond to area youth needs. A local committee of adults and youth serve as the board of directors of MCYF.

We believe that youth are our greatest natural resource. Investing in our youth is investing in our future!

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