MGWA Foundation - Groundwater Educational Activities

Help out with the expenses of water festivals and help equip environmental learning centers for hands-on water experiments!

The Minnesota Ground Water Association Foundation is raising money for the Childrens Water Festivals and for ground water models (shown above at the Bemidji Headwaters Science Center) to be used in classrooms and at environmental learning centers.

Here is an exceprt from the thank-you letter from the Headwaters Science Center to MGWAF: "The Minnesota Ground Water Association Foundation donated $1,200 to the Bemidji Headwaters Science Center for a groundwater model to be used in their scientific programs.  The Groundwater Model is an interactive classroom tool that is designed to show the flow of water through confined and unconfined aquifers as well as the effects of pumping on these aquifers.  The Center had one old model that was in need of replacement.  With the Foundation money, the Center was able to buy two groundwater models. 

One model demonstrates the entire water cycle and includes precipitation.  The other is a karst model and contains a simulated karst formation along with sand and gravel aquifers.   Members of the Center’s science club were the first to use the models and had a wonderful time examining them.  They especially enjoyed how pumping of the model changed groundwater flow.  They also learned about the water cycle and how groundwater and surface water are inter-related. 

Children from the Science Club had a lot of fun “contaminating” the aquifers and then pumping them out while learning about groundwater flow.  The groundwater flow models really stimulated the excitement and amazement of these children.

In addition to being available for users of the Science Center, the groundwater models are available for local educators to check out for demonstrations.   The addition of these two models also has stimulated discussions of a possible main groundwater exhibit within the Science Center.  If funding is obtained for a new building, a permanent groundwater exhibit may be part of the new building! 

Many THANKS to the MGWA Foundation for helping the Science Center make groundwater education possible for northern Minnesota!

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