Viral Village: Let's Go Viral with Stacy Erholtz
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Stacy Erholtz is known internationally as a medical miracle and now she's paying it forward through Let's Go Viral.

It was in May 2004 that Stacy learned she had cancer. Doctors diagnosed her with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the blood plasma residing in bone marrow, as well as a rare protein disorder called amyloidosis.

After undergoing a series of treatments, including two stem cell transplants, Stacy asked doctors at Mayo Clinic if she could participate in a measles trial that she and her husband, Mike, had learned about on a news program.

Taking a Chance
On June 5, 2013, Stacy became Patient 11.2 and only the second person in the world to receive a massive infusion of the live measles virus. In a half-hour sitting, 100 billion live measles cells went into her blood stream – enough to vaccinate 10 million people.

Soon after test results, analyzed by a number of doctors, researchers and scientists confirmed a breakthrough: Stacy was cancer free.

Cancer Cure
In June 2014, Stacy started the Let's Go Viral Fund with the Brainerd Lakes Area Community Foundation to serve as a catalyst to raise the necessary funds to remove the bottleneck that exists in manufacturing and make it possible for people to benefit from this treatment.

“This could potentially be the cure to cancer. And it’s not just about me,” she said. “If we can start treating cancer with measles, let’s do it and remove all barriers in the process."

Read the full story of her journey.

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