La Crescent Community Garden
Project for La Crescent Area Healthy Community Partnership

We are a community garden offering plots to local residents. We work together to grow food for ourselves, others and the food shelf.

The La Crescent Community Garden was established in 2006 as a program of the La Crescent Area Healthy Community Partnership. The Community Garden is a volunteer organization in collaboration with Messiah Lutheran Church. The garden is located on the corner of the church property on Jonathan Lane and N. 9th St in La Crescent.

The goals of the garden are:

  • To offer garden plots to members of the La Crescent community
  • To encourage participants to eat seasonally and locally
  • To grow food for ourselves, the local food shelf and others
  • To garden as organically as possible
  • To create an opportunity for community members to work together

 10th Anniversary Improvement Projects

Garden Fence Project: We have had renewed interest and numerous families joined us this season, therefore we expanded the garden by 50%.  This year, we had 20 individuals or families renting 29 plots, 11 plots grown communally, and 8 more plots were covered with plastic to kill the grass for future years. Our expansion will allow us to provide for increased interest and continue to have communal areas that add to our donations to the La Crescent Food Shelf. We are excited for the opportunity to create a more visually appealing garden space, and the current fencing materials have been failing us. 

We have built partnerships with Messiah Lutheran Church, who provides the land, our volunteer Fire Department who fills our water tank, and have other partnerships with students for the future. New fencing will allow us to focus our time on outreach and education, as well as improve the quality and quantity of the food we grow.

Other improvement projects include building a compost bin system, an informational bulletin board/kiosk, and a shed to store our tiller and tools.

We are very thankful to Acentek and Gundersen Lutheran's Community Contributions for their generous donations towards our fencing project. We thank you for considering a donation to our projects and hope you will stop down to visit the garden next summer!

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