Hire a part-time administrative assistant

This position will help us manage our website and produce our newsletter..

The MN Association of Community Theatres would like to expand its programming and services for community theatres. To do this we would like to hire a part time administrative assistant.

With initial help from the Mardag Foundation we have been able to fund this position for several years  Funding from that grant has been used up and we need additional funds to continue the position.

MACT puts on a 20 minute play festival called FAST-Fest in even numbered years. This is a non-adjudicated festival.

MACT puts on an adjudicated play festival in February or March of odd numbered years. The two "best of show" entries from MACT-FEST advance to the regional festival and may go on to national and international festivals.  At both of these festivals there are seminars and plenty of opportunities to network. Seminars cover such topics as auditioning, acting in musicals, Shakesperian acting, dancing in musicals for non-dancers, directing, lighting design, sound design, picking a season, accounting for non-profits, duties of the board and more.

With the additional help of an administrative assistant we could expand the festivals to include more theatres and expand our training and networking opportunities by taking our training on the road around the state. With our administrative assistant we have been able improve our communications, via our newsletter and website, to better serve the robust theatre community in all parts of Minnesota.

Your donation to and/or membership in MACT will help serve the community theatre movement throughout Minnesota.

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