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Dedicated towards providing the MN Deaf Community with the information it needs to inform and empower.

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes these heroes are everyday people like you, standing up and saying “I believe”. 

I believe in our Deaf Community. After over a year of hard work, and many struggles, website has been redesigned to become the new DeafMN. Just launched in October 2014, is a site now rededicated towards promoting and informing our entire Minnesota Deaf community. We currently provide news, events, resource and employment listings, and hope to expand our services with your help. 

Administrated by Signcasts, DeafMN draws inspiration from its goals of using Citizen Journalism to help inform, empower, educate and enable the Deaf. We wish to inform the community by providing them with the information it needs to build a strong community, but also to use the participatory process of citizen journalism to help educate and empower the deaf community in a way that enables the community to address its own advocacy needs. 

I know the potential of our community, but we must nurture and bring it together. The new site is a first step, but there are many more steps to take in this journey. 

We need your support to take these next steps: 

  1. Better serve every region of Minnesota, and share information for each regional community, as well as specific Deaf-related groups (DeafBlind, LGBT, Hard-of-Hearing, youth, CODAs, Interpreters, etc).  
  2.  Improve the site with additional community building features such as forums, groups, organization pages and more. 
  3. Provide community workshops to help Deaf individuals and organizations learn how to use media to advocate for themselves
  4. Host our own community building events. 

Do you believe?

Be our Deaf Superhero. 

Please give now.

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