Cowern Elementary School in North St. Paul
Project for PeaceMaker Minnesota

Additional Recess Aid Needed to Promote Peaceful Playground Activities

Cowern Elementary School in No. St. Paul has been a Peace Site since 2008.  During this time we have worked to promote a peaceful, bully free environment which is safe for all children. We are planning on laying blacktop to be used to create peace keeping games and activities which will be used with K – 5 students and our Cowern community.  

To enhance the objectives and use of the playground it would be beneficial to have an additional recess aid for three hours each day on the playground. The person would be trained by our Behavior Intervention Specialist. 

The goal of the Peaceful playground program is to provide all staff and students with a common language and set of behaviors that are part of the positive, healthy, safe environment in which students can enjoy active learning.  Additionally, students will acquire skills to problem solve a peaceful resolution to school conflicts so as to insure a peaceful school culture for students and staff. 

Learning the problem solving strategies within the Peaceful Playgrounds Program assists responsibility for self and others, and establishes a sense of community within a positive school environment.  

Contributions made through this site between November 1 and November 17, 2016 will be matched by PeaceMaker Minnesota donors up to $2,000.  

Because PeaceMaker Minnesota operating expenses are paid for by separate donations, 100% of what you contribute will help Cowern Elementary School.

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