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The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker has a funny name -- and a serious problem

The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker migrates great distances every year, gracing forests from Canada and Minnesota and across eastern North America to Central America with its striking black and white stripes, vivid red cap, and distinctive stutter made by its bill as it drills sap-wells in trees.

Despite its funny name, it faces a serious danger: collisions with buildings along its migratory journeys.

All migrating birds face built-environment hazards along their seasonal trips -- like the confusion that light pollution can cause to deadly collisions with glass.

Your gift helps Audubon Minnesota make bird migration journeys safer through our Lights Out, Bird-Safe Buildings, and advocacy efforts.
  • Lights Out. Audubon Minnesota works with building owners and managers to turn off nighttime lighting that can confuse birds and lead to deadly collisions. This not only saves birds, but saves energy and reduces carbon pollution.
  • Bird-Safe Buildings. Audubon Minnesota promotes the use of bird-safe design principles in architecture, design, and landscaping -- reducing collisions through thoughtful attention to layout, lighting, and exterior materials. We partner with building owners, architects, developers, and local government officials to make built environments safer for birds.
  • Advocacy. Audubon Minnesota is a powerful voice for birds and their habitats, working with local and state government to create more bird-friendly communities and stronger conservation laws. The result: smart, effective policies and practices that benefit birds and people.
When you make a gift to Audubon Minnesota, you are helping to make the skies safer for migratory birds like the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

Please show your support for bird conservation with a donation today. Thank you.

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker photo by David Glatz | Audubon Photography Awards
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