2017 Give to the Max Day
Project for The Reading Center / Dyslexia Institute of Minnesota

Making a difference in the lives of children who struggle with reading is our north star. Some of our students come to us before they reach school-age, allowing us to intervene before failure in school begins. 

Quinn Ellingson is a creative, thoughtful artist, even at eight years old. At age 5, Quinn was struggling to retain basic skills in kindergarten and began to notice other students picking up reading when he was not. He became apprehensive about going to school. His Montessori teacher recommended our summer Best of Basics program and after those two weeks, Quinn gained confidence and skills that he took to first grade, wowing his teachers! 

Due to this early intervention by The Reading Center, and the involvement of his parents in our early literacy program, Quinn is reading at grade level and is more confident than ever at school. 

Julie Ellingson, Quinn’s mom, sees The Reading Center as the place they can come when they need a different approach to teach Quinn new skills. Julie says “We will continue to take advantage of programs that The Reading Center offers, because Quinn really responds well to how things are taught in these classes.” Quinn was at BOB again this summer, and we see him in the hallway at The Reading Center when he comes to work on math with his tutor, Lillian Stewart. 

With your help The Reading Center can continue to support kids with dyslexia.  

We provide answers to worried parents through educational testing. We work with young students like Quinn on pre-reading skills and with our 50 tutors, we provide rare and extremely effective Orton-Gillingham tutoring. 

The Reading Center has responded to your calls to do more for students by increasing the number of kids we tutor and by reaching them wherever they are. In the first three quarters of 2017, we have already tutored more students than we did all of last year. Our online tutoring and testing have increased as well and now represent 34% of all sessions taught. Our online Basic Training Institute launched earlier this year increasing the number of OG trained tutors available to students. 

With this growth comes more need: more need for scholarships and more need for trained tutors to help them. We are hopeful that you will help us meet the need by making a donation to support our mission before the end of 2017.

·       $50 can help a child-in-need pay for one week of Orton Gillingham tutoring so the child may reach his or her potential. 

·        $100 can buy supplies for one whole classroom of students with reading disabilities during Best of Basics Summer School so they may begin their school year with more skills in the fall. 

·       $250 can provide a partial scholarship for a child to be tested at The Reading Center in order to put the child on a path to success. 

·       $500 can pay for a partial scholarship for an adult to take our Orton-Gillingham Training Institute in person or online to learn the skills to teach dyslexic students.

Like us, you know how critical it is that children with dyslexia become confident readers. Maybe you were one of those students. Maybe you love someone who struggled. With the support of partners like you, children who would have struggled and experienced only failures are learning to read!  


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