2018 Bright Futures Campaign
Project for The Reading Center / Dyslexia Institute of Minnesota

Saving lives one lesson at a time

Dear Friends,

For the past 67 years we have been helping struggling readers become successful ones. We help students every day though our one-on-one interventions, group classes and summer programs. And as we grow and invest in technology, we can reach more students wherever they are - even those who live on a dairy farm and are too far away to receive services in person. For our students, brothers AJ and CJ Bauer, and the many other kids in Minnesota who need 1:1 help, The Reading Center is the only resource available. 

The Bright Futures Campaign raises funds to enable The Reading Center to invest in training tutors to teach students who can only receive help online.   Funds raised also helps kids like CJ and AJ who receive scholarships to make their tutoring affordable. Scholarships are only possible due to the generosity of your donations. Last year, we awarded $59,000 in scholarships to students whose parents would struggle to afford our specialized services. We can only reach kids like CJ and AJ with your help!  

For the past 67 years, The Reading Center has been turning around the lives of struggling readers, and we are reaching more kids every year. Last year, we reached more than 467 students through tutoring, classes, and our collaborations with the Boys & Girls Club of Rochester and the Rochester Reading Champions program with the library. 

In addition to funding scholarships, your donation to this Bright Futures campaign underwrites our life-changing programs like our Best of Basics Summer Program, our Orton-Gillingham Training Institutes, our FREE screenings for 4-6 year olds, and the many FREE educational outreach programs offered in our community every year. 

Please join us in making a gift to The Reading Center during the 2018 Bright Futures Campaign

Here’s how The Reading Center can use your donation: 

$50 could help a family in-need pay for one week of tutoring so that a child may reach his or her potential.

$100 could buy supplies for one entire classroom of students with reading struggles during Best of Basics Summer School so they may begin their school year with more skills in the fall.

$250 could help a family have their child tested at The Reading Center in order to put the child on a path to success through OG tutoring.

$500 could support a 50% scholarship to help an adult learn the OG approach to help children learn how to read.

There are lots of ways to give. You can: (1) return your envelope by mail to The Reading Center with a check or a pledge to pay later in the year, (2) visit us at www.TheReadingCenter.org and give online, or (3) become a sustaining donor! Sustainers are able to contribute more to The Reading Center but comfortably spread it out over the year. You can cancel at any time.

We both support The Reading Center financially. Please join us to ensure that The Reading Center continues to be an invaluable source of support and expert instruction for all dyslexic students. Your support of The Reading Center’s mission makes a real and direct difference to students struggling with reading. You have the power to give struggling students a Bright Future.


Cindy Russell, Executive Director

Mary Heise,  Bright Futures Friends Campaign Chair

PS   Double your donation with our matching funds! Donate or pledge now before all the funds are gone!!!

PPS Would you consider becoming a sustaining donor to The Reading Center in order to have a sustained impact on dyslexia? Provide a canceled check or credit card number in your envelope and indicate an amount and frequency of your donation. You can cancel at any time.

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