2015-2016 St. Philip's School AFD Annual Fund Drive

Be part of our Tradition of Excellence

This Advent season St. Philip's students are on a journey preparing themselves for an encounter with Jesus at Christmas. Their preparation will include corporal and spiritual works of mercy. We invite you on a similar journey. This Advent season, prepare for Christmas by making the world a better place. Consider making a donation that will help our students today and our community tomorrow. Support St. Philip's School as we continue our "Tradition of Excellence." in our 90th year of existence.

Grounded upon the teachings of our Catholic Church, the 267 students who presently attend St. Philip's School receive an education that touches them spiritually, emotionally, physically, and academically. Involved parents, with strong leadership through dedicated teachers and staff, create and maintain the environment that characterizes St. Philip's. Over the years, many have sacrificed much in order that this valued ministry of St. Philip's Church might positively impact the lives of the young people who have entered its doors.

The value of this faith-based education is priceless. However, the financial challenge to provide such an education increases each and every year. Although the present cost to educate a child is over $4600, this year's tuition is set at $3160 per child. Approximately twenty percent of our families are granted additional financial support through our endowment and scholarship funds.

Our St. Philip's School Annual Fund Drive asks alumni, parents, grandparents, family members, parishioners, community members, and anyone interested in faith-based education, to contribute to St. Philip's School. The monies raised support the total program of St. Philip's School – programs, salaries, financial aid, budget. This year, our goal is $28,000. Will you help? Through the generosity of supporters like you, we will be successful in our endeavor.

St. Philip's graduates take their faith and knowledge into the world. They make a significant difference in the lives of others by sharing what they learn at St. Philip's. . With God's blessing and your support more students will have the opportunity to do so. Help us continue our Tradition of Excellence. Thank you, in advance, for your generosity toward our school.

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