Xperitas' mission is transforming lives through shared global experience and intercultural learning.

Since 1972, Xperitas (formerly ISE and Global Citizens Network) has worked to create authentic cultural and language immersion experiences for tens of thousands of high school students and adults to deepen their understanding of other cultures, create bonds with their host communities and families and ultimately increase global competence. 

Xperitas' vision is for all people to be connected in one global community. In 2013, we launched the Global Learners Scholarship Program to progress towards that goal. This fund supports schools and students with limited resources, who may not otherwise not have access to cultural and language immersion experiences. For example, last year, a group of students from the High School of Recording Arts in Saint Paul received an Xperitas Global Learners scholarship to travel to our partner community in Entonet, Kenya, where they lived with members of the village and worked in solidarity with them on community projects. 

Please read what our 2016 Global Learners Scholarship winners from Samueli Academy said about their Community Partnership program with the Quielete tribe of La Push, Washington:

When I returned, I realized that I was using the qualities that I saw from the people there: conservation, showing people the same kind of kindness that you would to anyone else, and just being a good person, because that’s what it was all about over there, and that was what I really liked. - Jailene

I really appreciated how I felt independent when I was away, and I felt that that difference really made an impact on the way I sort of developed after the trip. I began to do things on my own. I didn’t really try to rely as much as I did before on others. It was kind of like a wake-up call. I feel like maybe if I didn’t go to that trip, I would still be, you know, a super dependent person and I wouldn’t make the effort to try things on my own, which is why I want to go on another trip. It was really life-changing. - Daniel

With your financial support, we can provide transformational experiences, instill leadership skills and develop global competence in students regardless of their families' financial circumstances, thereby helping us advance our mission of transforming lives through shared intercultural experience and global learning.

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