Women's Initiative for Self Empowerment (WISE)

Champion Women's Dreams, Invest in Her Education!

Join us in Championing Women’s Dreams by Investing in Her Education!

This year we are raising money for our Girls Getting Ahead in Leadership (GGAL) scholarship fund. Every year, we reward our high school seniors and current college students with $250 scholarships that can be used for books, computers, school supplies, tuition, or independent living expenses.

The immigrant and refugee young women in our program are passionate, driven, and smart but find that the cost of college is their biggest barrier to continuing their education. We are determined to make college more accessible and affordable for all and ask you to join us in this mission by investing in her education.

We often hear from people who believe that the reason immigrant and refugee girls aren’t continuing their education is due to language barriers or lack of education. In reality, our girls are passionate, driven, and smart, but aren’t able to afford the cost of college. While many of them receive scholarships for their tuition, a majority of scholarships do not cover the extra costs associated with college. To pay for the remainder of the costs and to support their families our young women are working when they aren’t in school. There is a lot of economic pressure for these young women to work full time instead of attending school. At WISE we believe that education is crucial for economic self-sufficiency.  When you give today you will be helping immigrant and refugee young women champion their dreams.

 *If you would prefer to send a check, please make them payable to Women's Initiative for Self Empowerment. 

You may be wondering…

What is Women’s Initiative for Self Empowerment (WISE)?

WISE is a nonprofit working to empower immigrant and refugee women and girls. Our overall goal is to break the chain of poverty and provide the necessary support and education for immigrant and refugee women to seek leadership positions in the workforce.

What programs does WISE offer?

Girls Getting Ahead in Leadership - This is our flagship program that works with immigrant and refugee girls in the high school. We work with them on their academic support, college readiness, leadership and self-esteem development.

WeLead - This program works with the girls who have gone through GGAL and now in college. We provide academic support, develop time management skills, and career readiness.

Financial Literacy - This program teaches immigrant and refugee women and girls about their personal finances and how to manage them.

Foreign Trained Professionals - This program works with immigrant and refugee women who were working professionals in their home countries and supports them to get recertified in the United States.

Healthy Relationships - This program works with the West African community to educate women and men about the qualities of a healthy relationship as a way to prevent domestic violence.

Thank you for your interest in WISE. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have! 
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