Bridging the Gap between Mental Health and our Community

Water’s Edge Bridging Foundation (WEBF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization aimed at removing barriers to mental health treatment for those in need in our community, so they can return to their normal life of work, school, family and community as a fully functioning individuals and contributing members of society.

We wanted to take a moment of pause in our mission and update you on how your support has made an impact at WEBF in the past year.  We have been moving forward in our areas of focus thanks to your generous donations and encouragement!

Since we are a new organization, your donations were pivotal in our launching.  With your help, we created our website, developed our logo and took our first steps into the social media realm...and that was just the start!  

Through our Education and Advocacy initiative, to date, we have delivered more than 18 seminars varying in topics from Trauma to Adolescent Mental Health to Eating Disorders and more hosted at various ministries, churches and clinics.   We have also provided resource tables at 6 events to educate, reduce stigma and create connections within the community for further projects and presentations.  We also had 3 successful runs of a t-shirt campaign: Revive Restore Reclaim; aimed Reducing Stigma and increasing Hope--with all the proceeds going to our Education and Advocacy programs. 

One of our proudest moments came last January when we were able to award our first Living Expenses scholarship to an applicant in intensive outpatient programing.  Since this first award, we have continued to receive applications and have awarded aid for 3 monthly mortgage payments, 1 monthly grocery bill and 5 monthly utility bills for those in need of having these finical barriers removed so they could continue in the appropriate level of intensive treatment.  Instead of hearing from us how thankful we are, we thought we'd pass on this message to you:

"I am so grateful for this opportunity.  The WEBF scholarship is helping me be able to continue needed treatment and pay all bills on time.  Without the burden of finances, I an really focus on getting better.  Thank you to all who made this happen".   --Recent Scholarship Recipient 

In addition, WEBF has taken steps in educating and equipping clinicians for Christian Integration (for those clients desiring this approach), through hosting Immanuel Approach training and bringing in the expertise of Dr. Margaret Nagib, PsyD last September and July.   We've also hosted restorative nights of worship for clinicians in need of rejuvenation and ministry.  

Whew!...and that's only a brief overview of our first steps in bridging the gap between mental health and our community... with each step the excitement and passion grows.  We are taking steps literally this Spring with hosting a f1veK (5K) for the 1 in 5 that experience mental illness in a given year.   It's going to be a time of connection and interactive education on May 19th 2018.  See you then! 

Please visit our FB, twitter, and website for the latest on the news, events and happenings at Water's Edge Bridging Foundation, that are only possible with your support! 

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